IXO Jet Connect is pleased to be able to offer you private jet flying while staying “green”!
Our carbon compensation program offers you private flying with a zero CO2 footprint by financing reforestation.

How does it work?

First, IXO Jet Connect is not about to blame our valuable passengers for private jet travel! Rather, we are responding to several requests from private jet users concerned about minimizing their global carbon footprint when they fly with us. Today, we consider the fuel burnt impact a very serious subject, and we want to stop feeling guilty when we fly private! Building on our valuable clients’ ‘feedback’, we have developed a new program to compensate as far as we can for the carbon footprint produced by the private jet business. As our industry is not yet “green” and as we are obliged to use jet fuel to power private jet engines, in order to stay “carbon neutral” we require a “compensation” plan to absorb the carbon we produce. This program is called “Fly Greener”. 

Easy to understand, voluntary and confidential

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Drawing on averaging calculations, CO2 emission compensation is based on a standard one-hour private flight. It implies planting 400 young trees. This voluntary compensation program is financed by adding to the flight invoice a CO2 participation cost as follows: 1 young tree = 1 EUR. 

For example: a standard 01h30 private jet flight with 6 persons on board will required 100 EUR per person to compensate for the carbon impact.

Please feel free to request a “Fly Greener” quotation the next time you fly with us.