With the IXO JetBox© it’s like being in your own private jet

IXO JetBox©, your flight companion

This unique aviation-certified JetBox is an exciting new concept that allows travelers to customize their chartered plane as if it were their own. The IXO JetBox© is a finely-crafted travel and storage case that contains everything you need to transform the interior of a chartered jet into a customized personal space for in-flight luxury and pampering.

Introducing a limited edition, the IXO JetBox© has been created from a timeless combination of fine materials and meticulous craftsmanship. It blends into any aircraft interior and houses signature goods that create your own personalized in-flight experience: monogrammed linen and table-ware, a cellar for fine wines and spirits, a fine cigar unit, a state-of-the art entertainment center, a high-tech business unit and more.

The Luxury IXO JetBox© perfectly fits the needs of private jet flyers, companies, airlines, luxury brands.

Frequent private jet flyers enjoy the feeling of owning their own plane in the home-away-from-home atmosphere provided by the IXO JetBox©.

The Luxury IXO JetBox© transforms a plain chartered aircraft into an upscale private jet that reflects one’s own brand image and style. The IXO JetBox© creates an exclusive business venue that can be used for travel by one’s own company executives or for entertaining business guests.

Co-design your own IXO JetBox©

Bring your personal touch to your own travel experience or to your company’s guest reception venue! You can work with our design team to customize your IXO JetBox© to your own needs and taste. Shape your IXO JetBox© to your own personal standards, using the most luxurious and technologically advanced products.

Create a setting and atmosphere that are truly yours, in which you will welcome partners and friends as though you were in your own aircraft.


IXO JetBox© program uses IXO Aviation Logistics: hassle-free management of your IXO JetBox©.

There is no worry or hassle in getting your IXO JetBox© on board at the right place and at the right time. IXO Aviation Logistics will make sure that your indispensable flight companion is always there, whenever you need it and wherever you want it – during your flight, in your hotel room, or even at home.

IXO Aviation Logistics will also take complete care of your IXO JetBox©: cleaning, refurbishing to your orders, storage, and insurance against breakage or theft.

Airlines welcome the opportunity to book a connecting business flight for their passengers when they make their airline reservation. IXO Logistics can create added value for their clients by facilitating smooth transfers to connecting flights. The IXO JetBox© enables airlines to imprint their brand image on connecting flights with their own logo and personalized equipment.

Luxury brands can provide other value-added products for one’s guests by offering one’s brand experience on board. The IXO JetBox© becomes a link between a distinctive brand and private flights.

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