IXO Jet Connect will support you at each step of the way in the aircraft purchase or aircraft sale of new or used aircraft. Our professional team will assist you to make your private jet acquisition a pleasure. Aircraft transaction requires considerable expertise. Take advantage of an exclusive team of experts to secure your individual and corporate interests.

What support can you expect from us

Sale and purchase of new and used aircraft

Our aircraft marketplace www.aircraftsalesbook.com presents more than 500 aircraft for sale. IXO Aviation Group can manage your aircraft sales and acquisitions through a networking approach. Teamwork is today the most efficient way to make a fast and successful private jet transaction. Choosing IXO to manage your aircraft transaction means choosing from among more than 500 professionals worldwide to assist you in your aircraft acquisitions, aircraft sales, or aircraft fractional ownership projects.

Aircraft maintenance status and aircraft pre-purchase inspection, one of the most crucial aspects of a used aircraft acquisition

Special attention must be given to the aircraft’s maintenance status and aircraft maintenance program such as engines program and airframe program (if any).  Should the private jet you are looking to purchase not be enrolled under any maintenance program, our expert team will prepare for you a maintenance financial forecast for up to five (5) years of operation. This will allow you to know precisely the direct operating costs of your future aircraft acquisition.

Legal support such as special purpose company creation, aircraft leasing and aircraft financing agreement, aircraft tax exemptions, aircraft registration, letter of intent, aircraft purchase and sale agreements, and more

Aircraft acquisitions, aircraft sales, and aircraft fractional ownership require sound legal expertise. The complexity of an asset such as a private jet and protecting the aircraft owners interests requires properly setting up all worldwide agreements you will sign.


Aircraft operational support

IXO Aviation Group will assist you in the preliminary assessment of EASA Part-NCC or EASA Part-CAT organization. If the private jet owner requires a “day to day” operational, safety and financial follow-up, we offer a support called Operational and Financial Survey (more information here below).

Flight crew and cabin crew selection, employment and training

Aviation training is the DNA of our mother company IXO Aviation. If required, we can propose initial and refresher training programs to all crew members in compliance with any aircraft registry civil aviation legislation and to improve safety on board. visit the website

Operational and financial survey

Check your private jet status at any time. IXO Jet Connect offers you one of the most advanced private jet aircraft “follow-up” programs, including financial, safety, maintenance and operational aspects. IXO Jet Connect can be a helpful partner to manage professional communications between the air operator in charge of your aircraft and the aircraft owner. IXO Jet Connect is an efficient solution to link all operational aspects that an air operator (EASA Part NCC or EASA Part CAT) should manage, as well as all financial and flexibility aspects an aircraft owner is looking for. IXO Jet Connect offers an affordable aircraft management solution that assists aircraft owners in minimizing operational and financial risks.