Aircraft ownership offers the greatest flexibility and most advanced flight services for flying anywhere in the world, for private jet owners have broad options for operating and managing their aircraft. We at IXO Jet-Connect are pleased to give you a brief introduction to private jet operating legislation and aircraft management solutions, From EASA Part NCC to EASA Part CAT.

What EASA Legislation Is Applicable for Private Jet Operation in Europe

EASA Part NCC operations
EASA Part NCC provides the possibility of operating a private jet within a “corporate circle”. While non-commercial operation of your private jet excludes generating private jet charter revenue, operating under EASA Part NCC offers you the advantage of being able to fly with your family, your staff and your guests. And although all aircraft costs are borne by the private jet owner, legal obligations and constraints are less restrictive than operating under EASA Part CAT. As there is no possibility of generating revenue from commercial jet charter activity, the only way to share your private jet costs is to set up a fractional ownership with a multi-owner scheme.

EASA Part CAT operations:
Under EASA Part CAT, you can operate a private jet within a “professional and commercial” organization. Commercial Air Transport operation of your private jet makes possible private jet charter revenue. Operating your private jet under Part CAT gives you the advantage of flying with your family, your staff and guests, while allowing you to air charter your private jet to clients looking to fly “private jet charter”. Although all aircraft costs are born by the private jet owner, they are offset by the “jet charter” revenue. Your private jet becomes an asset, and several financial benefits accrue to it such as tax reductions and accounting depreciation.

How to choose your private jet “host” or “management” company:
There are many options available to make your aircraft management “stressless”. However, as efficient aircraft management is not a “layman’s” occupation, professional support is highly recommended. 

Today, the aviation industry offers a 360° scope of support services to aircraft owners. In that vein, IXO Jet Connect provides a highly professional approach to such services at a reasonable price. Building on our aviation consultancy experience, IXO Jet Connect can assist you in analyzing options under EASA Part NCC and EASA Part CAT operational schemes.

aircraft management


Our “aircraft owner” orientation assures that you get all the information you need to select the most appropriate legal option. We can then opt for a Part NCC or a Part CAT structure and create an interface between the aircraft owner and the aircraft operator. Our cost effective “aircraft management” service puts at your disposal “third party” professional support, 24/7, with careful attention to your flight safety concerns while maximizing your financial interests. 

With the private jet owner’s needs constantly in mind, IXO Jet Connect draws on the IXO Aviation group of companies to provide pilot training, fuel delivery, aircraft maintenance and flight permits at the lowest cost available in the market. Furthermore, the aircraft owner benefits from our flight safety and financial audits program. A quarterly audit report keeps you up to date on all aircraft costs and possible private jet charter revenues. IXO’s accounting forecast program includes foreseeable future aircraft maintenance costs.

Today, IXO Jet Connect is proud to offer aircraft owners one of the most advanced and cost effective “aircraft management” programs available in Switzerland.